Creative solutions for business
Marketing, analytics, branding, product design, websites, Apps, photo/video, advertising, events & PR
Branding, digital solutions, advertising and PR for companies ready for change today to become a driver for the industry tomorrow

Web, Digital
Ads, PR
Increase the added value,
creating a brand out of business
Brand – is a promise
Concept and marketing strategy
Research and brand strategy
Brand visualization
Product design and packaging
Concept and strategies
Advertising campaigns
Product design development
Design of brand presence points
Exhibition design
Event design
Visual content
This is what we do
Development of IT products
Interface website design
Front-end and Back-end development
Application Development Apps
Technical and design support
Product Launch
Creative of the advertising campaign
Video and photo production
Viral video
SMM Internet Marketing

PR campaign strategy
Organization of events
Integration in the media
Celebrities and bloggers
Creative participation in exhibitions
Market launch

Digital & IT
PR & Events
We bring brands to foreign markets
We adapt branding and communications
Organization and holding of promotional events and interaction with the media and celebrities
Preparation of companies for participation in the exhibition
Branding coverage and localization
PR, events, exhibitions
Support for international groups
Your international opportunities when working with us
We work in Russia, Great Britain, Europe, Central Asia and APAC
Developing both brands and projects, we actively use our partner base, as well as provide assistance in finding partners and collaborations,
assistance in preparing proposals and representation
Development and/or launch of franchise models for projects within the Russian region and for foreign markets
We support brands looking for representative offices in the regions: Great Britain, Italy, Russia. Also, for these and other regions, we can select an ambassador with certain parameters
Partnership & Collaborations
Use our and our partners' resources, share competencies and get new customers based on partnership
Keep calm
Complex product and branding projects
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Anastasia Konovalchuk
 CEO / Creative Director
Lara Yaguzhinskaya
Production Director / Partner
Dmitriy Sidorov
Marketing Director / Partner
Roman Monastirsky
Creative Director, Designer
Experience in design, product creation and communications
Satisfied customers all over the world

Own products, including an online school and an IT platform

We are proud
Branding awards at international festivals
Our clients
We create and promoting brands & products
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